Saturday, June 3, 2006

Grenada--our new home for a month

3rd Jun 2006
Arrived in Grenada; our new home for a month

June 3, 2006 Saturday Clarkes Court Bay Marina, Grenada Traveled 41NM


It rained several hours yesterday and then cleared to a sunny late afternoon. We probably could have made it to Grenada just fine, based on the weather we saw in our anchorage. But, then again, who knows. It could have been entirely different 40 miles away. At any rate, that front has now passed westward of Grenada.

Last night we went into a beach bar/restaraunt with the Looneys from S/V SeaLoon. We met with about a dozen other cruisers. Entertainment was pretty good; just a bunch of island guys on hand drums, not the typical pan steel drum type. Bill thought it sounded like African music. Our group ordered food; but after waiting for 2 hours (while consuming Carib beers and rum punch) and still no food was served, we all canceled our food orders. But we did enjoy the drum music and the conversation.

We left Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou, at 7:00 this morning and arrived in Grenada marina about 12:30. Winds of 15-18 kts; seas 6-10 ft. Had a great beam reach sail at 8 kts for four hours. Then the wind totally died. The little needle on our wind indicator was just spinning slow circles; not enough wind to even register on it. So we took in the sails and motored the last hour and a half. Current and waves were tough there at the end before we turned to head into Clarkes Court Bay. And then the wind picked back up as we entered the bay.

Today's trip was the first time ever that Bill actually felt seasick. Judy was dozing in the cockpit when Bill told her that she better take over the helm. He looked white as a sheet. But after drinking some water and sitting in the back area of the cockpit with the wind on his face, he slowly recuperated back to normal. At least he never had to hang his head over the side.

The dock manager switched slips for us as we arrived. We were supposed to be docked on the south side of the pier, but he thought it was much too windy for us to back into that windward slip. So he had us move into a slip on the north side of the pier, facing bow into the wind. This is a very small marina & we think we will be happy here for the next month. Easy bus service into the main city of St. Georges for only $12EC (4.44 USD). And the bus will pick us up right here at the marina office. The owner/manager is extremely nice. This marina had 53 boats during Hurricane Ivan, and only 3 sank. So it is a very secure place, weather-wise. They also now verify that you have insurance coverage on your boat before they let you dock here. Seems the owners of the damaged boats didn't have insurance and the marina was responsible for getting them out of here. They want to make sure that from now on all boats that they allow to stay here have at least some insurance coverage--at least enough to pay salvage in case of total loss.

Our total trip mileage was 576.25NM.

Don't expect many updates during the next month. Might not have much to say as we won't be going anywhere, except to explore Grenada occasionally.

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