Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Storm is NOT coming this direction

August 2, 2006   Wednesday
Chaguaramas, Trinidad

We received email today from persons concerned about what preparations we are making for Tropical Storm Chris.  The answer is:   nothing.  Maybe some people need a globe so that they can understand the geography of the Leeward and Windward islands.  That was the entire reason for our mad dash south during the month of May, so we would be well south of the normal hurricane paths before the hurricanes began forming this year.

We have attached a photo of the projected path for T.S. Chris.  As you can see, we are about 500 miles south of the projected path.  Don't see any way that the storm could change course and make it even half-way down to Trinidad.

BTW, sunrises are a little strange in Chaguaramas.  The sunrise is visible in the west, not in the east.  That sounds backward; but due to the hills east of our dock, the sunlight first appears on the constantly hanging low clouds to the west of us.  The sky slowly brightens to daylight, with the clouds west of us turning deeper and deeper pink, until suddenly the sun bursts forth on the east side and the clouds suddenly assume their normal white coloration.  Judy is enjoying the cool morning breezes while watching the backwards sunrise. 

And also watching all those birds.  Today there were at least 2 dozen hawks circling over the harbor for an hour before full sunrise.  As the sun brightened, the hawks flew back to the tops of the trees on the hills east of us.  Judy has also seen a couple of eagles.  That was a surprise.  For some reason, we just never thought of eagles on the Caribbean islands.

We played Mexican Train dominos this afternoon with Tony and Sandy of S/V Columbine.  They joined us in the air-conditioned comfort of our saloon.  We enjoy their company and also (much to our surprise) we enjoy playing this silly domino game.  We still do not feel ready to play in the big domino matches on Sunday afternoons at CrewsInn.  Those people take it too seriously.  But playing with Tony and Sandy is fun.

Tonight we met the family from Sealoon for dinner at Joe's Pizza.  This is James, Noeleen and their daughter Nicola.  They have hauled their boat down at IMS and should be back in the water next Monday.  They will be docking at CrewsInn right across the harbor from us (about 150 feet from our bow).  We had a fun evening visiting with them.  Also had the best Caesar salad that we have had since we left Houston.  We hope to see more of Sealoon over the next month.  They are also going to Puerto La Cruz and then onward to the San Blas Islands; same places we plan to visit.  But they might be going a little sooner than us.  We do hope to meet up with them again in future harbors.

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