Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Venezuela bound from Trinidad

September 19, 2006   Tuesday
Leaving Trinidad, headed for Los Testigos

As planned, we will be clearing out of Trinidad mid-day today.  Bill is frantically doing all the last minutes items on our departure checklist.  The harbor fuel dock is out of gasoline and we wanted to bring an extra tank of gas for the dinghy outboard.  So Bill has traded bottles of wine for gasoline from other boats here in the marina.  Yesterday we purchased 4 large jerry cans for water, so we have 100 liters of fresh water stored in case anything happens to our desalinator water maker.  Our main diesel tank is 90% full, but we hope to top it off when we leave this harbor anyway.  We have heard that Americans cannot buy diesel in Venezuela right now, so we want to have plenty to last until Curacao.

The local dive shop is supposed to have air tanks filled and ready for us within an hour.  So, one more trip over to the ATM; clear Immigration and Customs once again; last minute grocery stop for bread, eggs & produce; and I think we are finally ready to leave Trinidad.

Bye for a few weeks.

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