Thursday, December 7, 2006

Another birthday

December 7, 2006   Thursday
Judy’s birthday

This time she really is 58.  Some of you might remember that for the first eight months of this year that Judy thought she was 58, only to realize in late August that she really was 57.  Not that a year makes any difference when you get this age.

Bill took the dinghy over to Benner Bay and bought his favorite cake for Judy’s birthday.  Sounds just like him, doesn’t it?  He also bought her a few birthday gifts – from Budget Marine, of course.  She received the oil discharge and garbage dumping and no drugs plaques that are required by the US Coast Guard to be posted on all vessels in US waters.   And she was pleased to receive these little signs so now if we happen to get boarded for a Coastie inspection then we will be legal.  Haven’t we both gotten romantic in our old age. 

Our entertainment of the day was a day boat that held a wedding, complete with white wedding gown and veil.  They anchored right in front of us, performed the ceremony, ate some cake, drank some drinks, a few guys swam fully dressed, and then they left.  Nice of them to provide us with this entertainment.

Ron and Janis have invited us over for dinner tonight.  So Judy will be treated to dinner on her birthday.  And get to see the inside of a liveaboard Hatteras.

Our latest parts shipment from Amel has arrived at the mailing service in St. John.  So we will be heading over to Cruz Bay to collect that parcel tomorrow.  Then we want to sail a bit; we have stayed in one place as long as we can tolerate.  It is time for a change of scenery, even if it is only a few miles away.  We likely won’t have internet service for a few days, so this website probably won’t be updated again until sometime next week.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday time of the year.

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