Monday, April 30, 2007

Still enjoying Bequia, visiting with other cruisers

April 30, 2007  Monday
Admiralty Bay, Bequia

This weekend was spent socializing with other cruisers.  Saturday was the first anniversary of Bill’s retirement, or at least the first anniversary of his final day at work full time.  Richard and Beth of SLOW DANCING came over for sundowners and snacks.  A bunch of us were meeting at a local bar later in the evening.  As soon as Richard and Beth left, then we got into our dinghy and headed across this large bay towards the bar – and the rain promptly started.  We were soaked to the bone before reaching the other side of the bay and getting cold.  So we returned to our boat, changed clothes, waited a few minutes for the rain to subside; and took off for our second dinghy ride towards the bar – and the rain promptly started again.  This time we did not return to our boat but went to the bar soaking wet.  Didn’t really matter anyway because we continued to get rained on at the bar since the band was set up outside.  So we all sat around under umbrellas in the rain and visited while drinking rum drinks and beer.  The band was not very good and no one could dance unless they wanted to be out in the direct rain, but we had a great time talking to everyone.

And we learned that Tony and Linda on AMAZING GRACE are now on their passage from the Galapagos to the Marquesas!!!  This shocked us!  We both really like Tony and Linda; first met them in Grenada and saw them again in Trinidad.  They are on a 32-foot Island Packet.  Linda is not fond of overnight passages and last summer they were not sure where they were heading next.  So you can imagine our total surprise to learn that they are now well into the South Pacific.  They will be a year ahead of us, but we do hope to meet up with them again somewhere along the way.

Sunday I felt yucky all day; just wanted to sleep all day and don’t know why.  Sunday evening we went to AUDREY PAIGE and enjoyed sundowners with Dennis and Allayne.  They are on a Bayfield 36; looks like a comfortable boat.  Not to our taste in boats because it has way too much wood for Bill and me, but it has the classic lines and is a pretty boat with a comfortable interior.

Early this morning we moved BEBE to the northern side of the bay so we could get better WiFi connection.  We had lunch ashore with Tito and Roberta of ALLELUELIA! And played dominoes at the restaurant.  Nice way to waste away an afternoon.  I finally got to taste a flying fish sandwich and got that out of my system.  Discovered that I am not a fan of flying fish when cooked – love to watch them soar over the waves but don’t particularly care for eating them.

This evening about 30 of us gathered for sundowners at Jack’s Bar on the beach, including 8 guys from England who were on a charter boat.  They had come over for the cricket World Cup finals.  There was a fantastic green flash as the sun passed below the sea horizon.  This was the brightest and most distinct green flash that Bill and I have ever seen.  The entire bar applauded the sunset.

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