Thursday, October 30, 2008

Still in Tonga due to weather

Weather has changed yet again and our departure from Tonga is delayed.  Now looks like we will be departing Tuesday, November 4, for the passage south to New Zealand.  Don't know how that affects our onboard food supply and don't really care.  It is what it is and we can always find something to eat on this boat.  Maybe not what we would like, but definitely something edible.

Weather here in Nuku'Alofa was beautiful and hot and sunny all day Wednesday with slight wind from the north.  Then about 3 p.m. the wind shifted to come from the south and noticeably increased, clouds moved in, started raining, and it is dreary and depressing.  Guess this is finally the LOW that we have been waiting for all week.

Our friends who left here late last week are now 400 miles from NZ.  They are trying to beat another LOW that will move into that area in 2 days with westerly winds of 40 knots.  They are motoring at 9 knots and will probably make it to their destination before the bad weather reaches that area.  That LOW is not predicted to move northward and will be long gone before we get anywhere near that area, so we should not encounter it if we do leave Tonga early next week.

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