Friday, May 1, 2009

Skipped Fiji

Unlike almost every other cruising boat we have met, we did not sail to Fiji. We instead opted to spend more time in Tonga and visit the Hai'pai and Nuku'alofa groups of islands. We have visited Fiji by airplane 4 times, once with a lengthy lay-over between connections; so we had aerial views of the Fijian waters and reefs and have seen the Fijian men wearing their skirts. The Fijian people we met were nice, but we had no desire to sail through those reef-filled waters. We know it is beautiful, but by that point we had seen enough reefs. Plus, Fiji is hot; whereas, Tonga is cooler, which is more to our liking.

BTW, I might also be the only cruiser who only put on a swimsuit and got into the sea once during our entire crossing of the South Pacific. Just never appealed to us to get in the water; it was too cold. So snorkeling the reefs in Fiji amongst the sharks wasn't high on my list of things to enjoy.

Sorry we missed it; but not sorry we missed it.

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