Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gloucester Island

Thursday, July 9, 2009
20.04.150S; 148.26.300E

Winds kicked up considerably overnight and we almost canceled departure from Whitehaven Beach this morning in order to wait for a calmer day. But by 0730 it seemed as though the winds might be starting to die down a bit so we weighed anchor and set sail. Seas were a bit rough, around 2 meter waves. We made Zach move from his berth to a sleeping position in the cockpit because we thought there would be too much motion for him down below deck. He was a real trouper -- didn't get seasick and tolerated the 52 mile sail quite well.

We are moored behind Passage Islet on the southwest tip of Gloucester Island. It has been a long time since we have picked-up a mooring ball for the night; last time was in Vava'U in the Kingdom of Tonga last September. There is a resort of sorts nearby. Tomorrow we will take the dinghy over there and find out how much this mooring is costing us. Might stay here a day or two. We still have about 375 NM to reach Cairns by end of this month so we are not in a big hurry. And the farther north we go the fewer the anchorage choices, so best to enjoy the good anchorages when we can.

There are supposed to be some bush trails near the resort. Looking forward to getting off the boat for some hiking exercise and exploring tomorrow. Still enjoying the cold nights and pleasantly warm days. Weather is this area is wonderful.

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