Saturday, August 22, 2009

Green Island

Aaron refused to try sailing again. We don't really understand this because Aaron is a Shellback. He worked in the engine room of The Clipper when he was a freshman at A & M University in Galveston. That was during the time he thought he might want to be a marine engineer, before he later realized that he really was a computer programmer. The Clipper sailed from Galveston to Uruguay and back, and Aaron never got seasick. Seems to me that if he could work in a hot engine room on the open seas then he ought to be able to tolerate a sailboat for 15 miles. But since he got seasick the last time we tried sailing, there was no way he would consider trying it again.

Probably just as well because the wind picked up to 20-25 knots for the final few days of their visit with us. And the anchorage area for yachts like ours is out at an exposed point off Green Island and it would have been pretty rough even at anchor. Lynn and Elisabeth wanted to see all the tourist things out at Green Island, and since Aaron refused to leave the marina slip in our sailboat; they booked a trip on the largest day tour ferry. Bill and I were not interested. We have seen enough reef and see islands all the time.

Rather than snorkel (after all they do have an infant--and Elisabeth would never willingly put her face into seawater), they did the glass-bottom boat tour and another tour on a boat with a see-through hull. And Aaron didn't get seasick on those either. Glass-bottom boats are usually a sure-fire way to get seasick if someone is the slightest bit prone to feeling ill on a boat. But they did just fine on both the see-through boat tours. This provided them with an opportunity to see some of the reef. All of the Great Barrier Reef is damaged, just like reef almost globally. Some blame this damage on warmer waters and some blame it on pollution. Whatever the cause, none of the reef is as colorful as it was a few decades ago.

They rented a beach umbrella and chairs and had an enjoyable day at the beach. BeBe met some kids on holiday from London and dug in the sand with them. There were some paths and they walked around the island. Glad they got to spend the day out at Green Island.

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