Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Leaving Bali

After the road tour and seeing so many temples, we are done with Bali. We are skipping some of the "must see" tourist things -- like the monkey temple because I don't like monkeys; and all the shopping because we don't need anything or want souvenirs; and sunset at Kuta beach because we don't see how that sunset could possibly be better than other sunsets we have seen either on islands, mountains or at sea.

The photo at left is one of the thousands of statues in the middle of road intersections. This photo was taken with a cell phone so it isn't as good as if taken with a real camera, and it does not show the large base of the statue. This statue is very, very tall and elaborate.

So today we caught a "taksi" to Carrefour and bought fresh veggies and fruit for our next passages. Plan (at least today's plan) is to depart Bali tomorrow morning. We will be doing passages ranging from 28 miles to 300 miles per segment on our way to Nongsa on the island of Batam, where we will clear out of Indonesia. Nongsa is only 19 miles from the marina in Singapore where we supposedly have a reservation. I made the reservation last January but other cruisers tell us that all the marinas in Singapore are now full, so who knows if our reservation will be honored or not. We are ready to get started on this next 1000 miles and looking forward to leaving tomorrow morning.

Carrefour supermarket is huge and is located on the 4th or top floor of a shopping complex. On the ground level are an A&W Root Beer shop and a KFC. A piece of home. Several of us cruisers couldn't wait for a cold root beer in this heat, and it sure tasted like home. We bought some KFC to eat on this next passage. It is too darned hot to cook and fried chicken can be eaten cold. Carrefour also had wonderful freshly baked breads and we really loaded up on those. Bill found great looking pan au chocolate (croissants) for only 70 cents each, so he is fixed for a couple of breakfasts on this passage. The bakery section of Carrefour sucked us in and it was difficult to pull ourselves out of there!

BTW, I added a number of postings to this blog today. If you click on Indonesia on the left side of the main page under "Places we have visited" you will find all the new postings. They don't all show up on the main page today since I added so many.

After mentioning our crew list used to clear in here at Bali in a previous posting, we received a request to publish a copy of this crew list. We have another official boat stamp that has all the pertinent information on our boat. The "official seal" is not our boat stamp. We bring the self-inking boat stamp when we clear in. Officials really like that also and we recommend that every cruiser have a "official boat stamp."


  1. Hi, I love reading about your adventures... but I highly recommend that you remove the crew list photo.. it has information on it that can be used to steal your identity... and it is searchable on the internet now... Happy sailing!

  2. Thanks for your comment. Since all the information on that crew list is available on numerous databases if anyone wanted to go to the trouble to research us for purposes of identity theft, we really weren't concerned about making it public in this format.

    But you are correct, why make it easy. So we have edited the image and removed information that might conceivably be used for identity theft. More of a concern to us are the people who work in the offices of all the countries we so freely supply this information to.


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