Saturday, July 17, 2010

Photos of Thailand trip uploaded

Since it is raining so much and we are stuck inside the boat, I decided to take the opportunity to upload photos from our recent trip to Thailand. Photos have been added to the individual postings for the trip. These are a few additional photos.

These photos are mainly intended for our family members to see what the grandkids have been doing this summer.

As can be seen, the kids have been enjoying unique experiences and places.

I particularly like the photo of Zach laying on the floor and face-to-face with the baby tiger. This is not the tiger that bit him.

Both kids got a kick out of the small young elephants putting hats on their heads and taking the hats back off. Each time the elephant did this to someone, it would place the hat on the person's head and then tap the hat 3 times. Then the elephant would remove the hat and take a bow with its trunk placed on its forehead between the eyes -- just like the Thai people place their palms together and put their hand between their eyes when saying thank you. It was really cute.

The baby elephant was at the horrible Mae Taeng Elephant Camp. This one is 5 months old. There also was a newborn less than 1 month old, but we were not allowed near that one because the mother was still ultra-protective -- as well she should be.

And here is a photo of BeBe frying the spring rolls that she made from scratch during our full-day cooking class at the Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School in Chiang Mai. That was an enjoyable day and we each learned a lot from the experience. And we especially enjoyed eating all the delicious food that we cooked!

And this last photo is some structure that we passed while riding the river boat taxi in Bangkok. Elisabeth was more observant than the rest of us. She noticed that there was a large painting of this structure on the wall of our hotel room. We never did find out what this is. People were climbing the steep steps up the sides of it. We weren't interested enough to get off the boat and explore.

We are now finished with Thailand -- unless we sail to Phuket in December. In fact, we are finished with all SE Asia travel. Nothing left to do except sail up the western coast of Malaysia after we depart from Singapore late next month. The Phuket area is supposed to be beautiful but extremely crowded with tourist long boats. I'm not convinced that the beauty of the area is worth the hassle of crowded anchorages with fast tourist boats zooming around. Bill has not yet decided if we will sail up there before heading west or if we will depart for India from Langkawi. I am leaving that decision entirely up to him. We can't plan that far in advance.

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