Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some things are just impossible to believe -- a report from the Chief Engineer

When you read this, you are going to say:  yeah, sure!  But, I have to tell you the story anyway. 

There is a private Texas Company that makes an anti-corrosion product for use in aviation and marine environments.  The product is CorrosionX.  The following are my stories about my personal experience with this product.  I am absolutely positive you are not going to believe me and/or you may think that I own the company.  The following is entirely the truth --  and I wish I owned the company!

I first bought a bottle of CorrosionX from Budget Marine in Trinidad.  I was looking for a product that would inhibit rust/oxidation.  I had a few spots that I wanted to treat in my engine room.  I bought it, sprayed it on the spots and it worked…OK, oil would have probably done the same thing…this stuff felt and looked like oil, so I assumed that I bought some snake oil.  I continued to use the pump-spray bottle in the engine room for treating rust for 2 years.

Then an unrelated thing happened.  Our PC computer at the Navigation Station began to go to a “Blue Screen of Death.”  At first, once a week; then daily.  We couldn’t live with this happening, so I began to look for a new computer.  I wrote a cruising friend who was a retired IT guy for a recommendation on a new computer.  I told him briefly about my current problem.  He wrote back with several new computer recommendations and also said, “Whenever I buy a new PC or laptop for the boat, I completely take it apart.  Using a small brush, I coat the circuit board and all of the terminals, such as hard drive connectors, etc. with CorrosionX. “   He said that the life-expectancy doubles when he does this.  I thought, wow, I have some CorrosionX, I have a bad computer…what have I got to lose?   That was 2 years ago and the computer is now over 6 years old and still working perfectly.  A $12 pump bottle of stuff saved me $1,200!  This was the beginning of my story on CorrosionX.

Since my computer fix, I have repaired many electric and electronic items saving thousands of dollars.  I have recommended CorrosionX to others and they have experienced the same miracles.  Here are a few of the more notable examples:
  1. Our gas stove electronic igniter quit…I coated the terminals and it has worked fine since.
  2. Our stern light flickered ON & OFF and burned up bulbs…I coated the terminals and it has worked fine since.
  3. Our son’s low voltage halogen recessed ceiling lights were working poorly and burning out bulbs.  We think they got wet before they were installed.  We disassembled the fixtures and coated the terminals…all 35 fixtures have worked perfectly since.
  4. Our other son’s swimming pool heater stopped working…the pool company wanted a minimum of $850 and as much as $3,000 to repair.  I opened the inspection cover and coated each wire terminal connection…it has worked perfectly since.
  5. An engineer friend was skeptical so I gave her a small amount.  Her husband’s portable DVD player had stopped working.  She disassembled the player, coated the switch contacts and it has worked perfectly since.
  6. Our fresh water pressure pump began to act abnormally, cutting on/off at the wrong times.  I disassembled the pressure switch, coated everything with CorrosionX and it has worked perfectly since.
  7. Today, my wife’s $5 calculator which is over 30 years old stopped working.  She said that I MUST fix it…I said it was only a few dollars to replace…she said that I MUST fix it.  I disassembled the calculator and coated the key contacts with CorrosionX…It is working again, perfectly!

In our consumptive world where we replace rather than repair, I am certain that these few examples would have cost at least $7,000 to replace the faulty items.  My total cost was $12.  And I still have plenty left for future projects.

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  1. Oh yes, I believe everything you say about Corrosionx. I too am a satisfied user. I sprayed the top of a battery and terminals on a car that was staring to corrode. The corrosion eventially disolved and I had no problems with it. Now I coat every light bulb base and wiring connections before assembly for trouble free use.


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