Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chief Engineer reports on Innovative Equipment

I just found this photo on my phone.  I took it while we were in Sri Lanka.  As we visit new countries I like to search out new products, tools and equipment...things of special note, that I have never seen before, or things that just grab my attention.

While walking through the Galle, Sri Lanka port area, I happened on two guys using a Weed Whacker, but I had never seen this piece of yard maintenance equipment before. 

It consisted of a 3 wheel cart pulled by one man.  The cart had a 220 volt electric motor attached to it.  Attached to the shaft of the motor was a piece of twisted steel cable and at the end of the cable the man had tied some plastic strips.  One man pulled the cart and the other used the "business end" to cut grass.  Note the special designed safety clothing and protective eyeware.  BTW, they were almost finished cutting all of the grass on a fairly large field when I took this photo...AND...the cart appeared to have lots of hours of use.

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