Friday, June 3, 2011

Transport follow-up

Remember the boat that sustained sugar scoop damage during transit?  

We recently received an email from the owner advising that SevenStar was paying for the repair in full -- no deductible.  

Can't ask for a better resolution than that!

On another note, one of the other boats reported that they had gotten a rat inside their boat.  They believe this rat came aboard in the Maldives.  With all the trash and garbage in the water in Male, that is not an unrealistic assumption.  Unfortunately, this rat ate through lots of the woodwork and wiring and plumbing in the interior of their yacht.  What a mess!!  Most of us closed all sea cocks and sealed off any entrances on our boats to prevent rats from coming aboard while our boats were on the transport ship.  Getting a rat inside our boat was a big scare factor about transporting for most of us.  Definitely close off all openings if transporting your yacht.

Update Aug 2012:  We have run into several other boats who transported with us last year, and have learned that all damage caused by the rat was covered by the transport insurance.   The owners of that boat were quite happy with the repairs.

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