Sunday, April 28, 2013

Can't Stop Repairing Stuff, or finding uses for CorrosionX

Since I have been in Houston I can't seem to stop repairing stuff.  Here is a list of the things I have repaired:

  • Main pool pump (Aaron & Lynn's old house)
  • Pool sweep pump (Aaron & Lynn's old house)
  • Main pool pump (Aaron & Lynn's new house)
  • Pool filter (Aaron & Lynn's new house)
  • Zachary's computer monitor**
  • Bob & Barbara's laptop**
  • Aaron's Hard Drive 4-drive Raid Array**
  • Rewire Aaron & Lynn's new house's network
  • Repair various electrical problems at Aaron & Lynn's new house
  • Repair Aaron's weed eater
  • Repair Aaron's high pressure cleaner (it is broken again)
  • Repair Aaron & Lynn's electric ignition on the kitchen cook-top**

Those things indicated with (**) were repaired using CorrosionX on microscopic corrosion on low voltage connections inside the components.  I first learned about CorrosionX while cruising from a retired computer guy who was anchored near us in the Caribbean.  My problem at the time we met was a 4-year old 12 volt PC that intermittently "Blue Screened."  I asked him to recommend a replacement.  That is when he told me about CorrosionX (  He suggested that I disassemble the PC and coat everything with CorrosionX using a small brush.  He said to be sure that I coated every connection.  I did and the PC is still working with no failures.  Since that time I have used CorrosionX to revive computers, electronic devices and other electrical components.  I have chalked up an 80% success rate and my $15 bottle of CorrosionX has saved me, relatives and friends of mine at least $15,000...1,000 times the investment.

CorrosionX is made by a private company located in Texas.  It is NOT flammable and is not petroleum-based. It is non-conductive, but increases the conductivity of electrical connections.  can be used to stop rust and corrosion on just about anything.  If you are the least bit handy and do not have CorrosionX, you have too much money because you must be able to afford replacing rather than replacing.

Bob Bradford's revived laptop

Filter Repair

Monitor Repair
Raid Array 4 hard drives

My emergency tiny bottle of CorrosionX

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