Saturday, June 1, 2013

Updating old postings

Recently I have been adding old postings to this blog site for the places we visited during 2006 through April 2009.  This current blog was started in April 2009 while we were in New Zealand.  Previously we maintained a different website which held over 2500 photos and many postings of places we had visited while cruising aboard S/V BeBe.  That old website is no longer active, but I had saved Word files of all postings made to that website.  As of today I have managed to add postings from 2006 through 6 January 2008.  Only 16 1/2 more months of blog postings to go in order to have all our adventures on this one blog, organized by date order and labeled for countries visited.  Hopefully this will be accomplished next week.

Adding photos to those postings will take a long time.

So, sorry to any followers who have felt deluged by postings from me this week.  Eventually I will get everything up to date. 

Later note:  Now finished moving all old blog postings to this blog site.  There are thousands of photos yet to be added and who knows when I will do that, but the text blogs are complete.

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