Saturday, November 23, 2013

Poor turtle

Turtle in distress; appeared barely alive

One day a large turtle floated up next to a boat moored nearby.  It appeared to be barely moving.  Instantly a rescue mission was on!

Emre from the hotel bar rushed out with a boat hook and began to try to help the turtle. 

Entangled in lots of fishing line

There was fishing line wrapped round and round the poor thing!  Bill grabbed one of boat hooks and went to assist Emre.  Mustafa, the full-time captain living on the boat docked next to us, came rushing out with a good serrated knife to cut away the line.

All this time it appeared that the turtle continued to move his flippers.  

The culprit for killing the turtle -- a woman's bra!

Finally the main culprit of the turtle's distress was discovered.  A bra! 

The 'armholes' of a woman's bra were over the turtle's front flipper and rear flipper on its left side.  It appeared to have become entangled in the bra before it was encircled with all that fishing line.  

By now a couple in a passing dinghy had come over to try to help.  As soon as the bra was removed it became apparent that the turtle was already dead.  How sad that this turtle could live to this ripe old age and be killed by a discarded woman's bra.

Please all sailors, think before you throw things into the sea!

On a brighter note, here is a photo of an unusual mega yacht moored at Ece Saray Marina next door.  I think the bow of this yacht resembles an upside down submarine.  I think it is truly ugly.  It is a miniature version of the super-mega-yacht named  'A'.  

'A' cost 300 million dollars and is something like 390 feet in length.  This smaller version looks almost identical to 'A' and it is named 'M'.  'M' was built in Turkey and is for sale now for the mere price of 8 million dollars.  It is the poor man's version of 'A'.  And just as ugly.


  1. The A is currently in Auckland getting a new multi-million dollar paint job. I went down and had a look at her the other day and she is also one ridiculous looking boat! I didn't realise that there was a smaller version. I would have thought one was enough.

  2. Nice save! We rescued a sea turtle in the Sea of Cortez. Check our our video:


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