Thursday, May 22, 2014


 When we stocked up on dry-aged beef from the special butcher in Fethiye I did not follow my usual routine.  Normally I keep a written inventory of what is in the freezer locker and cross each item off the list as it is removed from the freezer.  This time I figured that was no longer necessary.  After all, we are in the Med and grocery stores are found everywhere so there is no need to really stock up only occasionally.  We had the freezer locker turned off all last summer and winter.  The only reason it was turned back on is that we had stocked up on the hard to find good pork products sold at Lidl when we made the day trip to Rhodes in early March.  Just prior to departing Fethiye I added the dry-aged steaks to the few pork items already in the freezer.  

Frozen meat everywhere!
Now...really...that should be easy enough to keep track of what is in that freezer.  There wasn't much in there.

No.  It was not.

In Gocek I added 3 de-boned rotisserie chickens vacuum sealed into individual meal servings. 

Then I cooked up a big pot of chili and froze the left-overs.

Baked enchiladas and froze the left-over homemade enchilada sauce.

Bought a few more pork items at Lidl in Kos.  Bought a few chicken breasts, etc.

The contents of the freezer were growing!

Recently after a tiring day of sailing I wanted to heat up a package of that rotisserie chicken along with simple rice and gravy and some sliced tomatoes for an easy and fast dinner.  I tore that freezer apart and could not find a single package of rotisserie chicken.  Okay...we had eaten it several times in various ways; but shouldn't there still be a few packages in there?  

Same thing happened with bacon.  I just knew there had to be several packages of bacon in that freezer but could not find any.

Today I finally broke down and inventoried the freezer locker.  Now I have a list of the contents and it will be simple to cross off items as consumed or add items if we find something we cannot live without.  Such as that really good streaky bacon that was sold at Carrefour the last time we were in Athens.  Got to stock up on that if they still have it when we get there next weekend!  Here is a list of what I found in our freezer locker this morning:

Ribeye Steaks - 25 -- stored in center compartment
Ground Beef - 3 pkg of 500 grams each -- center
Pork Tenderloin - 2 - tiny -- front compartment
Pork Chunks - 2 large pkg -- beneath center compartment
Pork Chops - 3 pkg of 4 pc -- front
Pork Chops - 1 pkg of 2 pc -- front
Pork Loin Slices - 1 pkg of 4 slices -- front
Pork Leg - 1 pkg -- front
Pork Schnitzel - 3 pkg, small -- front
Stuffed Ham Roll - 1 large - rear bottom
Ham for sandwiches - 1 med -- front
Ham Deli Slices - 2 pkg -- front
Chicken Breast - 2 pkg of 2 each, very large -- front
Chicken Rotisserie - 3 pkg -- front
Chicken Thighs - 1 pkg of 6 pc, boneless -- Lock'n'Lock, front
Lamb Shanks - 1 pkg of 2 pc -- front
Bacon - 3 pkg -- rear
Cooking Bacon (like lean salt pork) 2 2/3 pkg -- beneath center
Salami - 1 pkg small, sliced -- center
Weinies - 3 pkg, extremely tiny, finger size -- rear
Bratwurst - 1 pkg, very small -- rear
Sausage:  2 pkg of 5 lg links -- rear
                   1 pkg of 3 links, smoked -- rear
                    1 pkg of 2 links, smoked -- rear
Chili, homemade - 3 pkgs of 2 servings each -- rear
Enchilada Sauce, red - 1 batch -- beneath center
Corn - 1 open large bag -- rear
French Fries - 1 med bag -- rear
Pita Bread - 2 pkg of 5 or 6 pc each -- on top front

Nicely organized and inventoried freezer
And all that is what I consider not being well-stocked!  Why in the world would we need more on a boat in the Med when we are never more than a day or two from a supermarket!

On the other hand, we have not been off this boat since we departed Naxos on 15 May and if these strong winds do not let up then we will not be getting off this boat until 29 May when we will arrive in Kea Marina in Pireaus to meet the grandchildren at the Athens airport.  So, being over-provisioned sometimes does pay off.  We are out of fresh fruit and down to limited fresh veggies and bread but we still eat well.

P.S.  I think the meltimi started very early this year.  It has been in the 30s from the north and northeast for days now.  We are very glad to be anchored in Chapel Cove off Ormos Anavissou as it is a great anchorage for winds from any direction.  Although I think we will move tomorrow morning if the winds lie down overnight.  It is time for a different view.


  1. Now that is a big freezer! Enjoying your blogs and using some posts from previous years as we cruise Turkey and onward to Greece. We had a great experience with Riza and Emek Marine in Gocek so thanks for the recommendation. What a nice fellow. Hope the winds lay down a bit for you.

  2. Libertad, that freezer is one of two exact size freezers. The other is off and we are using it for storage. I am glad you liked Riza at Emek...he is a good guy.

  3. I love the inventory idea! I will most definitely be borrowing it in the (hopefully) not so distant future!


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