Monday, August 4, 2014

Lighthouses of Croatia

I was surprised to read that tourists can do tours that let you sleep in different lighthouses on the islands and coastline of Croatia.  And the lighthouses we have seen so far are really that -- actual little houses that have lights built on top.  So cute!

This is just one of the several websites that allow one to book accommodation in a Croatian lighthouse:

Now...wouldn't that be a totally different vacation!

Here are a few of the lighthouses we have noticed thus far.  Have seen more but were too far away to photograph.

Dramatic background of the mainland.  This one is situated on the
easternmost tip of the island of Hvar.

On some island seen on our way north to Split.

This one is just outside Stari Trogir where we are anchored this week.

This one is on a tiny island west of island of Lopud.

Cannot imagine how one would get to this one!
It is just northwest of Dubrovnik.

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