Friday, September 16, 2016

Awarded Sailor of the Year

(Maybe that should be Sailors of the Year.)

Recently we received notification from the editor of magazine Sailing Today that we have been voted the winners of the Sailing Today Awards 2016 Sailor of the Year category. 
Judy and I accepted by video and Lu Heikell accepted in person in our stead 

What a surprise!!  

His note stated that this information was under embargo until 17:00 UTC, Friday 16 September when the awards winners would be officially announced at a champagne ceremony at the Southhampton Boat Show.  Therefore, I am writing this blog posting and scheduling posting for that appropriate time.  The awards winners will be announced in the November issue of the magazine which will be published on 30 September 2016.

Sailing Today grants many awards each year for a variety of gear and accomplishments:

Here is a link to the nominees for the Sailor of the Year award:

Reading the accomplishments of our 'competition' made us wonder why people voted for us!   
Rest assured, we are appreciative of this unexpected award!  

Several friends and family members suggested that possibly my blogging about our travels for the past 11 years might have had an impact on voting numbers.  This blogspot has had just under half-million views since I moved the previous blog onto this format in March 2009. I have deliberately not monetized this blog and a number of people have told me that they appreciate that this blog does not contain advertisements and no solicitations for donations.  Or maybe the voters were other sailors we have met over the years and had nothing to do with this blog.  T'is a mystery --- but thanks to all who voted for us!

Bill arranged for Lu Mitchell Heikell to accept the award in our stead since it was impossible for us to attend the Southhampton Boat Show this year due to our son's accident.  We first met Rod and Lu in the Kingdom of Tonga in 2008.  The last time we saw them was when we were anchored next to one another at Darwin, Australia in September 2009.  Rod Heikell was honored by Sailing Today with a lifetime achievement award at the same award ceremonies at the Southhampton Boat Show.  Thank you so much, Lu, for accepting the Sailor of the Year award for us.

Thanks also to friend Jake Angelo for helping us make this short video of acceptance which was shown at the awards ceremonies at the Southhampton Boat Show.


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