Saturday, October 29, 2005

Still on schedule

29th Oct 2005
Still on schedule to move aboard May 1, 2006

We sold our home July 30th; had a sales contract only 48 hrs after listing with the realtor. Lucky for us, the buyer agreed to rent it back to us until we are ready to move aboard the boat next spring. It was an agonizing decision because we loved our little house and knew it would only appreciate in value given its location; but we decided that we just did not want the stress of home ownership while we are cruising halfway round the world. Bad financial decision; good 'peace of mind' decision. Had our first garage sale in June to liquidate 36 years accumulation of stuff. It is damn hot in Houston in June for having a garage sale! Miserable!!! Had our second garage sale in October. Making progress getting rid of all this stuff. We are selling everything except our bedroom suite, which will go to our son's home--just in case we decide to move back ashore. Kitchen items will be stored in a relative's attic; photos will be stored in a relative's closet. Everything else we own will either be sold or given away.

Funny; we don't miss any of the things we have sold. Even feel philosophical about our Leroy Neiman art collection that we sold. We loved those bright artwork pieces, but we got to enjoy them for many years and we still have the memories. By selling the entire collection, that paid for another couple years of cruising. So we don't miss them.

We made another trip to the boat in the BVI this month. Brought four more huge suitcases of things down there and left on the boat. Making progress.

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