Monday, December 5, 2005

New UV panel on genoa

10th Dec 2005
New solar shield panel on genoa

We experienced a tropical wave with gusting 50 mph winds while we were on the boat in October, and the luff tape edge separated on solar shield panel on the genoa. We had planned to replace that solar panel next spring anyway; so rather than have the sailmaker repair the luff tape edge, we opted to replace the panel now. The original panel was white (as shown in the photo on our main page). But white and lighter colors do not hold up to UV damage as well as darker colors. The boat is a slightly creamy color has black bottom and also has a dark brown stripe around hull just below top edge. So we opted to replace the solar shield panel in a dark brown color. Hopefully the dark brown will last longer than the less-than-three years that the original white panel held up. I have also purchased dark brown Sunbrella fabric to make hatch covers to use when the boat is sitting in the tropic sun for the next several months. The tropical UV causes the hatch lenses to craze, so we want to protect them from the sun as much as possible.

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