Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Almost done

13th Dec 2005
Closing date set

We have set closing date on the boat purchase. Rich and Carol will finish their winter cruise on January 22; we will haul out one more time on January 23; then plan to go over to St. John, USVI, on January 24 or 25th and close on the sale. We will register the boat in USVI and then return her to the BVI until we move aboard May 1st. We want to keep her in the same marina because there is a good caretaker there.

Bill had an emergency stay in the hospital last week. Diagnosis of Crohn's Disease. But we are not letting this stop our plans to cruise. We will just keep a supply of the appropriate meds on board and hope for the best. Leaving his stressfull job and going to live on the beautiful Caribbean waters should be the best medicine. We are having an extensive medical kit prepared. And I will also be attending the Emergency Offshore Medical Training class to be held in Stamford, CT, in April.


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