Saturday, April 25, 2009

Family visited in Bonaire July/Aug 2007

Our younger son Aaron and his family visited us in Bonaire in late July and early August 2007. They brought with them our grandson Zachary, whose father is our older son Trey. So we had both grandchildren (cousins) visiting us together. Our granddaughter Elisabeth (a/k/a Bebe) celebrated her 7th birthday while aboard S/V BeBe. How cool is that!

Bonaire was not what they expected it to be, and several of them were sick during their visit. It is difficult to enjoy anywhere when you are sick. Aaron's wife Lynn and her son Sebastian did manage to get in a few windsurfing lessons out at Lac Bay. And the little kids enjoyed playing in the white sand.

We rented an extended cab truck and took a drive through the huge Slaangbaii National Park and had a picnic at a pretty beach spot, although it was far too rough there to consider letting children get in the water. Did see several pink flamingos. But this park really just looks like a hilly desert. None of us were impressed. The blow holes were the wimpiest blow holes that we have ever seen. The stark volcanic setting is pretty there on the windward side of the island. Difficult to walk on and you sure don't want to fall down because you would be cut to shreds.

Sebastian was bored but was a good sport about everything.

Seven-year-old Zachary learned to drive the dinghy. He was very good at driving the dinghy and was able to bring the dinghy right up to the stern of S/V BeBe swinging on her mooring. I was impressed.

No one warned Elisabeth that the ocean water was salty. This was the first time she had been in salt water; she is accustomed to her swimming pool at home. Well, she jumped in and got a mouthful of salt water and that was the end of that! Don't think that child will ever again get into sea water. From that moment on she insisted on staying inside the kayak. Zachary on the other hand was a pro with the sea. He had first snorkeled in the British Virgin Islands when he was only 2 1/2 years old and visited us on our previous boat. Zachary was quick to pick up his snorkeling skills even though it had been a long time since he had tried this activity. He spent hours snorkeling with his Papa Bill, while Aaron or Lynn or Sebastian paddled Elisabeth around in the kayak. She was funny because she would sit in front and point where she wanted to go and would make no effort to paddle. As if the other person were a slave to do her bidding.

A day or so after they left to fly home, Hurricane Dean became a threat and we high-tailed it down to Venezuela. After the hurricane turned north and was no longer a threat, we returned to Bonaire and quickly cleared out so we could get over to Curacao because guests were due to arrive there shortly.

BTW, if either Aaron or Lynn or Sebastian had been divers they might have enjoyed Bonaire more. Bonaire has spectacular diving.

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