Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So which do you like best?

Yesterday I posted a link to this blog onto our primary website. We are trying to decide which blog to continue ---- and I certainly do not intend to continue to update 2 websites for any length of time. So if you have a few moments and wish to waste some time, please also check out our primary website (link on the left) and then comment here on this blog posting and let us know which site you prefer. So far response is running 2 to 1 that we continue the old GetJealous website rather than this new blogspot. Only real advantage to this blogspot site is that we can update it via SSB email rather than having to wait until we have internet access, which is required to update the GetJealous site.

Note added later:  The old GetJealous site has been discontinued.


  1. We use this site as well and I love it. You can download text and update photos when you have internet. Stay safe you two!
    Allayne s/v Audrey Paige

  2. Both sites are nice but the look on this one is very pleasing.

  3. I like this one. Nice pic of the boat. I like your lay out better than mine.


  4. That photo was taken as we were exiting the Gulf Harbour Marina north of Auckland. The woman from Australia who bought our car took the photo.


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