Monday, February 7, 2011

Different opinions

At dinner last evening a British couple informed me that if the Egyptian political crisis caused the Suez Canal to close while we are in the Red Sea and we had to reverse course that it would not be a bad situation.  They would love to get trapped in the Red Sea because they enjoyed it so much during their southbound trip last year.  They are certain it would be no problem if Egypt has political/civil unrest.  And returning back along the coasts of Sudan and Eritrea would be a great time.  Diesel is always available from Saudi Arabia.   Going through the Somali pirates twice should not be a problem.  And dealing with different monsoons should cause us no difficulties whatsoever.

They are "experts" because they have made one southbound passage with a rally group and encountered no difficulties.  Therefore, difficulties must not exist.

 I will not give any credence to these folks opinions on anything in the future.  They must live on a different planet.  Take a look at the number of pirate attacks and tell me if you think sailing twice through this area might be a good idea!


  1. Heck, I didn't even want to sail through that area one time! You might still find that they have good experience and advice on other things even though they're less risk-adverse than you. For example, they may have spent many seasons in the Med and have good tips about that.

  2. We don't think we want to be "trapped" anywhere! BTW, it's amazing what technology can track these days ... looks like quite a lot of pirate attacks. We know ya'll will keep safe.

  3. I wonder if the British couple new "Quest" !!!

    We agree there are some people you wouldn't take information from.

    Safe cruising.

  4. Cool Bananas, I assume they met Quest, the British couple's boat was just a few feet from Quest when it was docked here in Cochin.



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