Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update on plans to ship BeBe to the Med

It is looking as if the shipping idea might actually happen.  But from Male instead of from Cochin.

Bill announced on the morning SSB net for Indian Ocean cruisers that we were researching transporting our yacht to Turkey via SevenStar Yacht Transport.  He also posted that info on  That fueled interest by some of the boats that are anchored in Uligan (or Uligama, depending on your chart) in the northernmost tip of the Maldives.  At least 1 of those boats immediately wrote a contract to be picked up in Male by SevenStar.  This will be an unscheduled stop for this route.  

The ship originally was supposed to sail from Hong Kong to Genoa, with scheduled stops in Singapore and Marmaris.   We were dealing with an agent who said there were 2 yachts in Sri Lanka that had expressed interest but had not yet written a contract to be picked up by this ship, so there was a possibility of an unscheduled stop in Sri Lanka.  The agent thought that if there were enough confirmed yachts for transport in Cochin that he could arrange another unscheduled stop in Cochin.  If not, we could sail back to Sri Lanka and be loaded there.  Sailing in that direction should have been easier than our passage up here because the seas would be moving in a better direction.  We would have preferred to be loaded in Cochin, but Sri Lanka would be okay too.

After Bill made the announcement of what we were contemplating, that unscheduled stop by the transport ship was relocated from Sri Lanka or Cochin to Male.  Makes perfect sense.  The port fees for the transport ship will be less in Male and that ship certainly is not going to stop more than once in this general area.  Boats in Sri Lanka or Cochin can sail to Male; and boats in Uligan can sail to Male.  None of those passages are a great distance.  It is less than 400 NM from Cochin to Male, a couple of nights at sea and likely an easy downwind sail.

The transport ship should arrive in Male between 15 March and 25 March.  We probably will hang around India until around 1 March, maybe do a bit of land travel.   Although I must say that neither one of us is the slightest bit interested in visiting the Taj Mahal.  But maybe a drive into the mountains might be nice for a change of pace.

Everything is set for the transport ship.  We have agreed on the cost quoted and are just awaiting the formal paperwork and wire transfer instructions.  Hopefully this will  happen.  The ongoing problems in Egypt don't look as if that will be settled quickly, and that was our biggest worry.

Now we need to research the Maldives.  We never planned to go there and know little about the place except that it costs about $600 USD to clear into Male and that they let you stay 30 days, which can be extended for some period of time with an additional per diem fee.  Supposed to be beautiful atolls and islands.


  1. Think you're doing the right thing! Be safe!!!

  2. We used Seven Star to ship Malua from Sydney to Palma Majorca. A great experience, great people. They looked after our boat perfectly. Great choice. See you in the Med


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