Monday, April 4, 2011

Insult the Americans?

"Hi ___________ - Many thanks for your help list of preparations but I am concerned that you have not included removing the ensign.  We feel very strongly that the site (sic) of an American ensign flying from a transported yacht would been seen as a very provocative gesture and would thereby put at risk all the yachts on board.  I think it would be helpful to bear this in mind. - (sender's yacht name omitted to protect their identity)"

This message was emailed to every yacht that will be on the transport ship with us.  Of course, we, and we assume all the other yachts transporting, fully intended to remove our ensigns when our vessels are loaded onto the transport ship.  It makes no sense to subject the flags to the wear and tear of the anticipated heavy winds up the Red Sea.  And the flags really would serve no purpose as our yachts are cargo aboard the transport ship.

However, this message -- emailed to everyone and not just to the one boat that had prepared a list what they planned to do to prep their yacht for transport -- is in extremely poor taste.  In fact, it is downright insulting!  The sender is British, I believe.   

Does he or she honestly think the UK ensign is any more warmly received by the Somali and Yemeni pirates than is the US ensign?  

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  1. Good point Judy n Bill! Do the pirates really care what's flying?!


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