Saturday, April 23, 2011

Transport ship update

 Yesterday SevenStar notified us that the latest ETA for the transport ship to arrive in Marmaris is 28 April.  This is wonderful news and earlier than we expected.  

Now that the transport ship has safely navigated through the dangerous Somali and Yemeni pirate waters and is safely into the Red Sea, I will identify the name of this vessel.  S/V BeBe is being transported aboard the BBC EVEREST, a brand new ship recently built in China.

Several people have contacted us to ask which other yachts are being transported on the same ship with BeBe.  I am not sure why anyone cares about this; maybe they want to know if they just happen to know the other yachts.  As I cannot see how identifying the other yachts would be a violation of anyone's privacy or a security breach since the transport ship is now beyond the piracy area, I will divulge this information.  Below is a list of the yachts aboard the transport ship, with notes of either owners or crew of each yacht and where the yacht was located when they decided to ship.  We are close friends with only some of these yachts and some we do not know at all, so the spellings might not be correct.

Committed to ship while in Cochin:
 1. BeBe -- Bill & Judy
 2. B'Sheret -- Michael & Linda
 3. Dora Mac -- Randal & Ruth
 4. Esprit -- Chay, Katie & Jamie

Committed to ship while in Galle, Sri Lanka:
 1. Mustang -- Captain Chris Bruce
 2. Slapdash -- Seth & Jaime 

Committed to ship while in Maldives:
 1. Songster -- Brian & Jackie
 2. Heartsong -- Stu & Sandy
 3. Troubadour -- Stuart & Annabelle
 4. Tapestry -- Ian & Lesley
 5. Raven -- Tim & Karen
 6. Njord -- Chris & Susanna
 7. Passage -- Bud & Nita
 8. Skedaddle Again -- Mike & Sue
 9. Andromede -- Claudio Agnoletto
10. Lureline -- John & Kerry 

Loaded in Singapore:
1. Pros Per Aim -- unknown owners or crew; do not know if Marmaris is final destination.

Additionally, there was one large new motor yacht which is being delivered from the manufacturer.  I do not know the destination of this large motor yacht.  Obviously, the transport ship continues to other destinations after off-loading our yachts in Marmaris.

We have checked out Yacht Marine and have met with the facilitator who is helping arrange labor and materials for our haul-out.  Like everyone else on the above list, we are anxiously awaiting arrival of our yacht so we can begin a new chapter of our briefly interrupted circumnavigation.  

And, yes, when we return to the Caribbean both Bill and I will consider ourselves to have circumnavigated even though for roughly 3600 NM S/V BeBe was transported on a cargo ship.  We sailed more than 2500 NM going south to New Zealand and then back up to continue our route around the globe in the Tropics.  Plus the 400 NM north to Cochin and then 450 NM south to Male to meet the transport ship.  Those additional miles about equal the same distance that BeBe will have been transported.  Our total mileage sailed will equal the distance for a circumnavigation; we will consider ourselves circumnavigators.  Purists can be as pedantic if they choose.  We will be happy with our definition of the word.


  1. So glad that the transport ship is now in safe waters! Consider yourself circumnavigators, because you most definitely are!

  2. I'm representative of large motor yacht onboard of BBC Everest
    Please, make some pictures ща my yacht in Marmris after off loading yours

  3. To Anonymous:
    Okay, I will take some pictures when and if possible. I won't post these on the website. Where do you want them sent?

  4. The Vessel already in Marmaris? Discharging of your yacht is started?

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