Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chief Engineer Report - Big Let Down in Marmaris

We have been in contact with a yacht maintenance company and maintenance facilitator in Marmaris since February 2011 to manage our haulout in Marmaris, to arrange for certain subcontractors,  and to perform the application of antifouling on BeBe's hull.  

Note Turkey style supports
We have exchanged dozens of emails with them since February.  In February we confirmed with them that they would be our choice and we approved the estimate they emailed to us.  In February we confirmed with them that our arrival would be "sometime in April."  We have updated them continuously between February and our actual arrival of April 30.  We met with them several times in their office and once at BeBe after she was hauled out.  Over a week ago I met with them in their office to inform them that after viewing the hull when BeBe was lifted onto the transport ship in Male I had noticed that more sanding preparation would be necessary than they originally estimated and I expected additional charges.   Today is our 3rd day sitting in the boat yard waiting for them to start, having received no phone calls or emails from them.  We stopped by their office this morning and they informed us that they are now too busy to work on BeBe.

We told them how disappointed were in them and asked for some resolution.  Before I name names, I await their explanation.

More to come.


  1. Please tell us the name of this company as we will be there shortly...

  2. If she goes another day or two without resolution, I'm sure some people would be very interested in knowing who is overbooking themselves at your expense.

    Sadly, for every four good contractors and companies I've dealt with, there is one that relies on the relative anonymity of "many hands in the business" to get away with giving the rest a bad name.

    Whilst it will be many years before I'm in that part of the world, I'm sure others in the area would appreciate a little "word of mouth" advice on who does good work and who doesn't :)

    Oh, and love the blog. It's been a must read for my wife and I for a while!

  3. We will add information to this blog posting in a few days.

  4. We learned today that the primary reason that this contractor cancelled work on BeBe is that the owner/manager fell and injured his back. They cancelled work on BeBe because it was more difficult than the other jobs that they had committed to...we wanted all of the antifouling removed and a new barrier coat applied...much more difficult than a regular antifouling renew job.

    We believe that this still does not excuse the way they handled us and we are weighing your request to know who this contractor is against an understandable reason. We think that they could have handled this situation better...more to come.



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