Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yacht Marine

We spent 2 lovely nights at anchor in the small bay just outside Yacht Marine.  Originally we were scheduled to be hauled out late Saturday afternoon; but since we could not guarantee that BeBe would be off-loaded from the transport ship in time to complete hauling by 17:00 closing time, the boatyard delayed us until Monday.  Silly us, we assumed that meant Monday morning.  After 5 phone calls and waiting for hours on end, we finally were summoned to the travel lift at 16:30 on Monday afternoon.

Boat work is less expensive in Turkey than anywhere else in the Med.  We had compared prices of local boatyards and learned that Yacht Marine was the best priced.  All that said, it cost us $1665 USD for 2 weeks in the boatyard, including travel lift in and out.  That is considerably more expensive than we have ever paid for a haul out.  And, of course, there will be many additional charges when it is time to splash.  For instance, the boatyard charges 15 Euro each and every time a contractor comes through the gate to work on our boat, or even just to give us a quote for work we might be considering.  That, and I am sure many other little charges, will be added to our bill.

Today Bill and I removed the auto-prop -- time for routine maintenance of replacing the bearings.  We hope to send the prop to a shop for this chore as we do not have the right tools for the job.  Today we also replaced the seals and the wear bearing on the prop shaft, replaced the zinc on the line cutter and drained the 9 liters of oil from the proprietary Amel U-drive system.  Oh, and we also met friends for lunch.  We considered this a relatively productive day.

We are using a local facilitator company to coordinate the work and contractors for this haul out.  This company uses its own employees for the prep and application of anti-fouling and other painting.  The guy who will be working on our boat came out to assess the job this morning, but no work was done today.

Please let him return tomorrow and get started!  We have neither the time nor the money to stay in the boatyard longer than 14 days.

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