Friday, May 22, 2015

Chief Engineer's Notes: Why Amel? Big things or small things?

Every so often I write on the subject of "why Amel" and I usually point out the small things.

OK, not every boat comes with a vanity table and vanity mirror, but some Amels do have these. BeBe, Super Maramu #387 does have these and one of BeBe's crew is constantly using them. Today, that crew member shouted from the aft cabin that "we have a problem."

When she pointed out that the vanity mirror was swinging loosely, I was somewhat relieved regarding the gravity of the situation and knew we were not sinking. Some Amel owners that have the vanity mirror, mounted inside a storage compartment door above the vanity, have noticed that that compartment door does not swing freely like the other compartment doors. Some may have noticed why. For everyone else reading our blog I will explain why with my usual photos with boxes and arrows that some of you like.

The upper hinge has a bolt thru it with a self-locking nut. This is the only door hinge on the boat made this way. By tightening the nut, the hinge tightens and the swing of the door is limited by the tightness of the nut.

Aft Cabin Vanity Mirror

To answer the subject line question, I will ask another question: Do you know any other production or custom boat made with this kind of detail of thought and experience? I do not.

Oh, and problem solved!

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