Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Duck Village

The Duck Village
When we walk from the hotel to Manoel Island Yacht Yard each morning we pass The Duck Village.  This place is so cute!  

Someone...I have no idea who...has constructed a little 'town' for all sorts of birds, not just ducks.  It cracks me up when we hear a rooster crowing inside The Duck Village.  Every single time that gets a smile.

The village is right on the water's edge and is separated from the sidewalk by a chain-link fence.  There are many houses and all sorts of things to grab one's attention.  

Guess someone likes ducks and other birds and wanted to make a place for them to have a safe haven.

Duck Village

And more of the Duck Village

Our hotel is on side street in the background
from this angle of this part of The Duck Village

Yet more Duck Village

Final view of The Duck Village

A sporty model Smart Car

And parked nearby across the street is a car we have not seen previously.  This is a Smart Car.  But I did not see any Smart Cars in the USA that looked like this model.  Looks like this one has been parked here for quite some time judging by the thick layer of dust.

I'm in a hurry!!!!!!
Also, people drive on Malta like they drive in Italy -- like little bats screaming out of hell.  They never do a slow start when stopped at traffic lights and such.  They floor the accelerator every time.  The entrance to the boat yard is monitored by a guard who activates an arm to allow vehicle access inbound or outbound.  Yesterday this truck driver did the typical foot through the floorboard when he heard the guard depress the button to raise the arm blocking his entrance to the yard.  

Guess he just could not wait for that arm to activate fully upward.  Idiot trapped the traffic arm in his crane atop his truck cab.

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