Saturday, October 10, 2015

BeBe is in Africa!

Never in our lifetimes did we think we would be in Africa, yet here we are!

S/V BeBe arrived in Rabat, Morocco early this afternoon.  And what a ride that entrance is -- surfing that big swell in through that narrow space with shallows on either side!!

Will update this blog when get real internet access.  Right now these tired little puppies are going to rest up.

The chart below shows BeBe (red boat icon) in the marina which was not yet dredged or built at the time our navigation chart was created. It looks as though we are on land.

The light green track line is the course we actually made on entry into the marina. No, we did not go over land. Charts are sometimes off and channels are dredged and new channels created. As we entered this river we were going up to 9 knots and surfing down up to 2 meter waves in shallow water. It was quite a ride! Judy told me to drive because she did not want me yelling at her. She is much more conservative than I am. In these conditions you do not want to slow down or your stern will swing toward your bow.

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