Monday, October 19, 2015

Time actually moving????

If you are a sailor, here are some interesting numbers for you. The data includes everything between 15 April 2008 and today.
I checked and double checked these numbers. I have been tracking everything since 2008...I wish that I had started earlier.

If our cruising  pace around the world is typical, the boat is only moving (motoring/sailing) 6.6% of the time. Notably, regarding solar, I had solar charging capability 33% of the time. My total time at anchor (majority) or in a marina was 93% of the time.

I decided that the Med sailing, or lack of sailing, had probably impacted these numbers significantly. So I broke out the numbers into two sets: "The World before the Med" and "Arrival in the Med to Rabat."

Yes, the Med did impact the numbers! Two things about the Med skewed my numbers:
1.) It is virtually impossible to cruise year round because of the winters.
2.) There are no predictable trade winds.

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  1. Bill started collecting this data about the time we transited the Panama Canal. So it includes our crossing of that huge South Pacific.


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