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A day in Mykonos

 Monday, 25 July 2011

Mykonos Old Harbor
Since the ferries to Delos did not operate on Mondays, Lynn and I decided to take the kids and spend the day exploring Old Town of Mykonos.  Bill wanted to install some of the boat parts that Aaron had brought in his luggage.  We had ordered a couple of pumps and had these delivered to Aaron's house.  It is so nice to have visitors from home.  Nice to visit with them and nice to have them deliver things to us.

Mykonos Old Harbor -- for mega yachts only today

It was mid-morning before we got the kids together and walked to the bus stop, where we waited almost a half-hour standing in the hot sun.  (Note to self:  bring an umbrella next time.)  Old Town of Mykonos is only about 6 kilometers from the new harbor but there is no space on the ultra-narrow roads for pedestrians.  Really, the bus is the only way into town -- regardless of what the guide book states.

We wandered around the very narrow alleyway-streets of Old Town.  Lovely, lovely place.  There is a plethora of jewelry shops and more places to eat than one can imagine.  Shoppers heaven.  They must love having so many cruise ships make Mykonos a port of call.

Isn't he adorable!
Zachary bought a lovely pair of earrings for his mom.  And a nice black bracelet for himself and a black hat very similar to the one he wore when he visited us in Australia 2 years ago.  Lynn found a pair of beach shoes for the baby and a beautiful blue bracelet for Elisabeth.  I just enjoyed looking; jewelry is not my thing.

The first ATM we visited was broken; so we backtracked to eventually find one that did spit out euros as requested.  

Stairs to old windmill area; Little Venice in background
Then we set off on a search for an area known as Little Venice.  This turned out not to be really like Venice.  It was just some restaurants and bars built right on the water's edge.  Pretty; but not with canals like Venice.

Old windmills at Mykonos
Old windmills at Mykonos

Nearby were the old windmills -- another sight that should not be missed.  Damien insisted on getting out of his stroller and walking up the long steps to the top of the hill.  Fine by us; wear yourself out little boy.  He actually was a real trooper this day and on very good behavior all day long, even though we knew he was getting very tired.  It is a lot to expect a baby to adjust to an 8 hour time change and spend his first day in new surroundings out in the hot sun all day.  What happened to my nap!

At the old windmills
We found a place to sit outside and eat pita gyros for lunch -- the worst we have had since arriving in Greece.  But the kids were happy enough when they got ice cream for desert.   Then we set off trying to find a produce market.  

Market search
We really wanted a supermarket but could not understand directions from anyone we asked.  We twisted and turned around and around the narrow alleyways and did eventually find a produce market.  What a strange place to put a produce market!  The selection was not very good, but it was enough to last us a couple of days until we returned to Finikas on Syros.  

Enormous pelican!

Huge & pink!
We wound around again in the alleyways and found our way out to the old harbor area.  Just as we were emerging from the Old Town area we encountered the largest pelican any of us had ever seen.  I had no idea that pelicans could grow this enormous!.  It was white with a pinkish tint.  A very strange looking bird, IMHO. 
Posing for photos
The next morning when we were walking to the ferry dock to go to Delos, we again passed this same pelican.  This time he was actually posing for photos for the tourists.

Oldest church in Mykonos
Shortly after passing the pelican we found the oldest church that is mentioned in the tour guides.  This was very tiny and right on the water's edge of the inner old harbor.  Don't know how we missed it the first 3 times we walked past.

By the time we started back to the bus stop on the other side of the old harbor, we were all beat.  Walking for a few hours in the heat really does wear one out.  Where is the wind when you want it!

When we got back to the boat the washing machine was working right again.  The new pump solved the problem of water not pumping out during the spin cycle.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I cannot imagine what a hassle it would have been to have 5 visitors (including a 2-year-old) on the boat for 3 weeks without having a functioning clothes washer.  Aaron also had delivered a new something or other for the accumulator tank, but Bill had opted not to install it just yet.  He had adjusted the pressure setting and that also seemed to be working fine.  If it acts up again and causes the pump to stay on too long, then Bill can replace the whatever to repair it properly.  At least we have the spare part now, whatever it is.  (I really don't want to know.  It is not something that I will have to work on.)

Tomorrow we go to Delos for the day.

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