Saturday, August 13, 2011

Meltimi Winds

What an effect the meltimi has on the main harbor in Ios Town on the island of Ios!!  When we first arrived in Ios we Med-moored on the outer dock area.  A local man suggested we move to the inner harbor quay as soon as a space became available.  We did; and we very much appreciate his advice to move.  When the meltimi built a few days later then the outer dock area became completely untenable.  Winds blew hard pushing yachts onto the concrete wall.  One-by-one the yachts pulled anchor and left the harbor in the 30+ knot winds.  And there is no sheltered anchorage to move to anywhere nearby.  I don't know where they went.  Soon the outer dock was empty.   And we were snug in the inner harbor with barely a breeze watching the wind howl across the bay 200 meters in front of us.

Since arriving in the eastern Med we have wondered exactly what causes the meltimi winds so well known to this area.  There must be some explanation for what causes this phenomena.  In the Bay of Bengal the pervasive LOW is controlled by the high-pressure systems moving up and down the high Himalayan mountains.  Maybe the meltimi is caused by something similar?  A HIGH or LOW pressure system occurring in some mountainous area on the mainland nearby?  

The best explanation of meltimi winds that I have seen can be read at:

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