Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Off the wall

 This afternoon we moved off the breakwater wall to what is probably a temporary berth on D dock. Our permanent berth should be on C dock, but the electrical re-routing work on C dock likely will take a few more weeks.  The power should be restored to D dock at any moment.

The government inspector signed off on the re-routed (and bonded) electrical work on D dock last Friday.  An engineer inspector from the corporate office of the marina company flew down from England and inspected the repairs on Sunday.  The marina is now waiting for one final inspector to sign off on the job, and then the electricity will be turned on for D dock.  That inspector was supposed to be here yesterday.  It is now mid-afternoon and he still has not arrived.  Cypriots don't get in a hurry about anything.  

Since the weather was nice and calm we opted to move to this dock today and hope this inspector shows up in a day or two.  Three other boats also moved onto this dock today.  Optimists, aren't we.

Re-routing of electrical lines on E dock hopefully will be completed in about a week.  That is the dock for boats up to about 40-feet long.  So that is the dock with the most boats.  I'm glad the electrician opted to finish the D dock for 40 to 50-foot boats first.  Our boat is 53-feet and we are a little too big for this dock, but all should be fine for a few weeks until we can move to C dock where the larger boats are supposed to berth.  

Surely the work will be finished and approved so we can move over there before we fly home on 3 December.  My mind would rest easier during our trip if our boat is berthed at the dock built for our size boat.  If we have to leave the boat on D dock during our trip home, we will worry about the possibility of a winter storm and being on a dock with lighter weight moorings.

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  1. Given their history, I dunno how close I'd want to be to that dock for the first several weeks power is restored...


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