Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time for a trip home

Ruth & Randal

We invited the only other American couple in the marina, Randal & Ruth on M/V Dora Mac, to join us for Thanksgiving dinner.  There is one other American man in the marina......married to a British woman......but he had already mentioned that he does not like to celebrate Thanksgiving; so we did not extend an invitation.  There are no turkeys sold in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.  Instead, I baked 2 chickens.  Also cooked cornbread dressing, giblet gravy, green peas, cranberry sauce and homemade yeast rolls.  Ruth provided a delicious dish of roasted vegetables.  For dessert I baked a fresh apple cake with pineapple glaze.   

We enjoyed the bottle of champagne recently gifted to us by our friend, Glenn, who visited last month.  We had much to be thankful for this year, not the least of which is the company of good friends.

Cliff & Charmaine
Here is a photo of Cliff, the other American in the marina, and his wife Charmaine......holding a very lucky little puppy.  Charmaine found this abandoned puppy while on a countryside walk early one morning.  She picked it up and nursed it to health; visited the vet for all the routine shots; and found it a good home with the family of an American physician working at Girne.  The family has small children and divides their time between Cyprus and their home in Virginia.  Lucky dog!!

Today I dug out duffel bags and packing organizers.  Time to start thinking about what we want to bring back to Texas on this trip.  One thing that should go is the ATN Gale Sail.  We have carried that sail for over 5 years and never once used it.  Time to Ebay that sail.  Get the unnecessary weight out of the sail locker in the bow of the boat.  

To do our part for Black Friday and help the economy, I browsed through Lands End online and ordered winter clothes.  Very much needed since we have been on the equator so long and have no cold weather clothes on the boat.  I will bring almost nothing home, and will return with lots of new clothes.  Cool!  

A boat here in the marina is owned by a British couple who live in southern Cyprus.  They will be visiting their boat later this week and have kindly offered to drive us to the airport late Friday night, saving us more than $200 taxi fare.  This is going to be a tough 17 hours flight time divided into 3 flights.....beginning by sitting in the airport all night.  We will depart the marina at 10 p.m. Friday night for the 2 - 2 1/2 hour drive to the Larnaca airport, where we will sit until our flight departs at 4 a.m. to Frankfort; then to Chicago; finally arriving in Houston shortly after 3 p.m.  And traveling 'back' 8 hours in time zones.   We are going to be some tired puppies!  

Looking forward to seeing family and friends for the next month.

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