Thursday, November 3, 2011


We are experiencing the second rain since arriving in Cyprus in late August.  A lovely, slow, drenching type of rain.   I hope it keeps up for the next 36 hours -- to wash away all the salt encrusted on the upper rigging from the wind-driven spray over the breakwater wall last week.

It is 70F inside the boat at 09:00 this morning.  Bill is bundled up in fleece jacket and fleece pants, layered over short-sleeved tee-shirt.  And wearing his fur lined moccasins that serve as winter slippers.  I'm still in knee capris, tee-shirt and barefoot and quite comfortable.  He is going to need much warmer clothing for the winters in the Med.  How will he ever handle it when the temperature inside the boat gets down to 55F, which I fully expect it to be in February.  Wonder whatever happened to his old duck-hunting clothes?  The thermal long underwear, heavy waterproof gloves, battery-powered warmer socks and the L.L. Bean duck boots?  Can't remember if I sold those in a garage sale; stored them in someone's attic; or gave them to our younger son.  Think we better look for those when we visit Houston next month.  Gotta find something to keep this guy warm!  We can't stay snuggled beneath blankets 24 hours a day.

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