Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Counting down

Weather has been so gorgeous that it is difficult to restrain ourselves from setting off for summer cruising season.  Our target date for leaving Cyprus is the last week of April, but it is so gorgeous it will be hard to make ourselves sit still until then.

Yesterday Bill made arrangements to have marina workers wash and wax the topsides.  But it was so beautiful today that many people were out cleaning their boats, so Bill was soon out there cleaning ours too.  He claims he is only cleaning a few things that he did not want the marina workers to do, but I have my doubts.  Now he has removed the bimini winter cockpit enclosure and is scrubbing all the pieces This reminds me of back when we were dirt dwellers and I would clean the house before the housekeeper would come each Friday.

Several people have gone to the Limassol for a few days.  They report such nice things about their little trips that we think we should also go see that area.  Most of them have stayed in mountain hotels rather than down on the seaside in the main city.  We probably will take the car next week and spend a few days on the south side of the island.  Our time in Cyprus is dwindling down.

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  1. The end of April and the start of your cruising season will be here before you know it! We also can't wait till the end of April because we'll be in the Virgin Islands for the very first time ... woo hoo!

    Limassol sounds great ... may as well check it out in that gorgeous weather! Glad all is well!


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