Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Marina update

The very first boat to handle clearance at Karpaz Gate Marina departed this morning. (It is so cold, dreary and windy today; I am very, very glad we aren't heading out!)   

After much bureaucratic hassle the clearance process is now in place.  As in most things, the first is always the hardest.  Now that the clearance system has been tested and completed by the first boat it should be easier for the rest of us.  Several more boats plan to depart within the next week.  Maybe by the time we finally get around to leaving clearing out will be a routine process by the officials designated to handle arrivals and departures from this marina.

Huge strawberries

On a totally unrelated note, I purchased local strawberries recently.  They were huge!!  And delicious mixed with the thick yogurt sold in this part of the world.

Potato duckie
And on a whimsical note, see my duck potato.  I know, it doesn't look exactly like a duck because it has no bill.  But this 1 1/2 pound potato reminds me of a duck.

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