Friday, July 4, 2014

Kayaking in paradise

View to east from the island anchorage
We continue to enjoy the anchorage on the eastern side of Stradioti Island in the center bay of the Gulf of Kotor.  Up anchor and motor a mile or so over to Tivat to dispose of trash and buy fresh produce and breads and pastries every few days; then right back over to the island anchorage where the kids can swim.  Much to our surprise the Tivat municipality free Wi-Fi signal can be utilized on our boat from this anchorage well across the bay.  Love that external antenna and amplifier.  Well worth the bucks for any cruising boat, even if there are fewer and fewer Wi-Fi connections available in most locales as most move on to 3G or whatever is the newest technology.
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View from island anchorage looking toward airport

Here are a few examples of our views from the island anchorage.  Often we are the only sailboat here as most of the boats appear to be motor yachts, some of which are quite large and luxurious; others very modest.  They just do not 'get' the joke of sailing.

View from island anchorage looking towards entrance
to westernmost bay (Kotor) and towards Tivat.

Must say once again, this is a beautiful place.  Surrounded by mountains 1700 meters high (over 5500 ft).  Hot during the days...maybe mid to high 80sF; and cool (cold!) at night...waking to temps inside the boat ~66F each morning.  Perfect!

View from island anchorage looking back to bay entrance

View of the island where we enjoyed anchoring

Elisabeth inside the lazarette
digging out kayak bag

A few days ago we finally dug out the kayak.  

Part of the stuff we had to remove to get to the kayak.
This all fit into less than 1/2 of that large cockpit locker.
This thing is inflatable.  We only use it when the grandkids are visiting.  I don't think my arthritic hips would allow me to even get down into that thing anymore.  When the kids leave we deflate the kayak and stow it deep into the cockpit lazarette, against the hull.  That lazarette is huge and there are lots of things buried down in there.  Digging out the kayak storage bag is a major chore because everything in one-half of the lazarette must first be removed; then everything re-packed back down in there.  Not a chore for our aging backs and joints if we can avoid it.

Zachary using foot pedal
thing to inflate kayak

Locating all the places to inflate different sections
Zachary helped Bill remove the tool boxes and various storage bins.  His back is young and muscles are strong; not difficult for him.  Then Elisabeth climbed down inside the lazarette and pulled the kayak storage bag away from the hull enough that Bill could reach it.  They repacked everything and then began the fun of inflating the kayak.
Putting the 2 seats into place.  Everyone helped.  My job came last.
This was a family affair.  Everyone helped.  Some more happily than others; but everyone did their part.  After they had it inflated then I coated it in a UV protectant.  Just that much bending over caused me enough hip pain that Zachary took pity on me and he finished coating the last bit on the bottom of the kayak.  

Off for some 'alone' time. he went.  First he took Elisabeth for a spin.  She was in her element.  Pointing which direction to go...this that way...until Zach had had enough of that.  He returned her to the boat and off he went again.  Since then, he has kayaked by himself at least once daily.  Good exercise.  He swims like a fish these days so we no longer require him to wear a PFD, although we watch him from the shade of our cockpit.  

She can swim but prefers using noodles or aqua-jogger.
Or just hanging onto a fender tied on a long line.

Elisabeth is swimming better this year but she still prefers to have a noodle or some sort of flotation device because she despises putting her head underwater. 

Cannot fault her for that.  I also do not like it.  Snorkeling is always fun but it takes an act of congress to get me to put my face into the water.  There is just something yucky about that water entering the ears!

Loving cousins?  She was freezing after swimming and
he was warming her up.

Our $11 jar of peanut butter

Isn't this just too adorable!  A mini-submarine!  We want one!

No idea what these are but we ate them anyway.  Thought
they were scallops when purchased because were
placed in package in such a way that only the white
tops were visible.  Definitely not scallops!
Seemed to be a type of squid.

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