Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sometimes people do stupid things

 While anchored on the south side of Lopud island a week or so ago, Bill noticed a charter boat round the western point of the island and head into the anchorage.  We assume that this boat came from the anchorage on the northern side of the island, some 3.65 NM distance.  I say that we assume they came from that nearby anchorage because surely they would not have done what they were doing for a longer distance or in possibly rougher waters between other islands.

Here is a photo of what they were doing that caught Bill's attention:

Arriving in the anchorage towing children in dinghy

Notice that the parents are not watching the kids.  Both parents are focusing on maneuvering through the anchored boats and finding the 'perfect' spot to anchor:

Paying no attention whatsoever to their children
While both parents were busy anchoring the youngest child started to climb out of the dinghy and someone in another dinghy rushed over to stop the youngest child from climbing out.  As soon as they were anchored the mom picked up the youngest child and stood on the deck for a long time, while the older child went to play with older kids on another nearby charter boat.

Everyone knows that arm floaties are NOT to be used as a safety flotation device.  These are NOT a substitute for a PFD.  Bill and I are flabbergasted that any parent would place their young children in danger in this manner.  

Arm floaties are NOT sufficient safety flotation devices
Just an observation from 2 old-fart grandparents.

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  1. Saw your post on SSCA FB page and found your blog. We are chartering in Croatia with friends next year. I enjoyed reading your blog!


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