Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bye-bye Cyprus

Today we were cleared out of Cyprus with 3 of the officials.  Tomorrow morning the police should come to the marina and stamp the little pieces of paper kept in our passports and we should be on our way before 10:00.  It is roughly 50 miles north to Tasucu, where we will clear into Turkey.  Since this is the Med, we probably will be motoring or motor-sailing.  Experience has shown that it is rarely possible to sail anywhere in the Med.

There is a possibility that we might return to Karpaz Gate Marina for next winter.  Rather than go into all the details, let's just say that there was a mistake in the contract price quoted by the marina where we intended to stay in Marmaris.  That marina has now acknowledged their mistake.  If they refund our pre-payment then we will return to Karpaz Gate for next winter.  

We have enjoyed Karpaz Gate and would recommend this marina.....with the caveat that you must realize that it is very isolated.   We like the quiet.  The restaurant is superb; gym is very nice; and the market is well stocked and moderately priced.  The breakwater is very substantial and protects well during all those notorious Med winter storms.  We also like that this is a smaller marina and we are not crowded in here with 1,000 other boats like some of the marinas in Turkey.  

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