Friday, May 25, 2012

Conversion errors

Something is beginning to annoy me and I'm not sure there is anything we can do about it.  Our boat was manufactured in France and all measurements are metric.  The literature and architectural drawings from our boat manufacturer, Amel, all state that BeBe is 16 meters LOA.  That converts to 52 feet 6 inches, or 52.493438320209975 to be exact.   All the metric measurements had to be converted when we applied for US Documentation.  Either the National Vessel Documentation Center rounded up when they calculated the conversion for our documentation or the documentation agent we used made an error because our US Certificate of Documentation states 53.0 feet LOA.   And the correct beam width is 4.6 meters; but the Certificate of Documentation states 15.3 feet which is 4.66 meters.  The correct figure should be 15.1 feet.  That 6-inch error in length and the .2 feet error in beam width are costing us every time we dock in a marina in the Med. 

In most of the Med the berthing or docking charge is determined by the square meter size of the vessel:  length times width.  In our case, the correct calculation should be 16 X 4.6 = 73.6 square meters.   Because of Certificate of Documentation states 53 feet LOA rather than the correct 52.5 feet and 15.3 feet width rather than the correct 15.1 feet, each marina calculates our LOA as 16.15 meters and the width as 4.66 meters.  16.15 X 4.66 = 75.2 square meters.  That is an error of 1.6 square meters.  

Doesn't sound like a big deal, right?  And it really isn't.  It just annoys me.  Here in Kas Marina that means a difference of 1.1 Euro overcharge per day ----- roughly $1.43 USD overcharge per day.

Due to conversion calculations from metric to feet and back to metric.  

Life would be easier if the United States joined the rest of the world and converted to metric.

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