Next Step - Yacht School

My wife, Judy, and I enjoyed 11 years circumnavigating the world aboard our 2003 Amel Super Maramu, BeBe. Judy and I logged over 40,000 miles and visited 58 countries. 

After this adventure I created Yacht School ( to share my knowledge and experiences with others who would like to follow the course that Judy and I completed. I offer training to new owners of Amel yachts and I offer support to all Amel yacht owners. I give my 400 page Amel Book to all of those clients. I also offer Pre-Purchase Consulting for those interested in buying an Amel yacht. And, I offer, free of charge, 1 hour consulting on any subject relating to world cruising or Amel yachts.
For an Audio Podcast with Bill & Judy explaining costs of cruising, follow this link: Bill & Judy "Costs of Cruising" Podcast


  1. What a great idea - you have great qualifications for this next step, Bill!

  2. Fantastic!!! This is great news!!!

  3. My husband and I are in the process of finding an Amel. I'm sure we'll be needing some on board training the the near future.

  4. Hi Bill. This looks like it might be very useful for us. Do you think it would be applicable for an old Maramu? Would love to get more information from you about it.

    1. Yes I do because many of the Amel concepts were developed with the Maramu.

  5. Hi Bill. This sounds brilliant. We are a couple in our middle age and are looking to get an Amel SM 2000 and live aboard and learn in Savannah for a few years before we untie the lines for several years of blue water cruising. We would really like to get in touch with you and become clients in your school. I sent you a private email with my contact info.

  6. My wife Denise and I are Bill's first official clients/students of Amel School and we can not say enough about the value of the knowledge and support Bill has given us thus far. We just purchased our Amel Super Maramu (Hull #440) and the pre-purchase advice and guidance from Bill was fantastic. In our particular case, we saved many times the cost of Bill's services just in the purchase of our boat. And we have yet to extract all of his knowledge, experience, and documentation on how to maintain and care for our Super Maramu! Once armed with this, my wife and I know that we will have the tools and support to safely sail her wherever we choose and know that we can take care of her and maintain her. And that is absolutely PRICELESS. Thank you, Bill!


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