Sunday, June 17, 2007

Quick update

Sunday afternoon, June 17, 2007:

Don`t have a good internet connection right now so cannot write much.  We did the turtle watch last night.... would recommend to anyone contemplating such.....decided to leave this afternoon to sail overnight to Isla Margarita, Venezuela, accompanied by 5 other boats --- we have our own flotilla!  We sail faster than the others (including the 44 ft Lagoon Catamaran and the 46 ft trawler power boat.  so we are leaving about 3 hours later than the rest of our little flotilla.  Will see if any of the photos of the turtles are visible and will update website  after we reach Margarita; probably won`t have internet access until at least Tuesday.

Everyone wish us fair winds and calm seas!  We are doing this trip between tropical waves; didn`t want to wait for the next one to pass through the SE Caribbean before leaving Grenada.  This passage is only about 140 miles but it does go through lots of VZ fishing territory so we will be dodging fishermen all night; most of whom do not show any lights at night.

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