Friday, July 8, 2011

Kythnos again, then to Syros

We had planned to stay at Kythnos for several days.  Then Bill checked the weather forecast and we abandoned those plans.  Another meltimi was forecast to begin in 2 days, so we had a choice -- either stay in the isolated bay on Kythnos for a full week and probably not be able to get off the boat for 5 days OR move now to somewhere that we might be able to dock on a town quay and be able to get off the boat during the high winds.  The kids wanted to stay put.  They thought playing DS and computer games all day for 5 days would be fun.  Bill and I did not like that idea.  

We checked the Pilot guide and the charts and decided that the town of Finicke or Finikas on the southwest side of the island of Syros would be a nice protected place to wait out high winds.  We sailed and motor-sailed the 27 miles to Finikas, arriving before 14:00.  Lucky us, there was plenty of space to dock on the wall in the area that we wanted.  This quay turns a corner and we wanted to be on the outside wall on the inside of the corner.  In that position the expected northerly winds would blow us away from the dock, rather than hitting the boat sideways.  Perfect location.  And someone even helped with our dock lines this time.  Shortly after 14:00 boats started arriving one right after another.  Well before 17:00 all dock space was filled.

World's Largest Hot Dogs
Since we were on a town quay it only seemed fitting that we should eat dinner ashore for a change.  The kids joined us in reading the menus posted street side at each restaurant.   They wanted pizza but that was not to be found in this small town.  However, they did find a tiny cafe that served hot dogs and hamburgers.  Those were the largest hot dogs any of us had ever seen!!  These were not regular frankfurters; these were huge locally-made sausages.  Sythos is famous in Greece for their local sausage.  It is the best sausage we have found outside of Texas.  Bill and I each ordered a Mama Burger -- which turned out to be 2 hamburger patties served with a wedge of lemon, slices of tomato and red onion and some french fries.  With no bread or bun.  Weird.  But, what the heck, it was food and I didn't have to cook it or clean the kitchen; so who can complain.  Neither Zachary nor Elisabeth were able to eat an entire hot dog.   But they enjoyed what they did eat.  They had wanted ice cream too but decided that could wait for another night because they were stuffed.

World's tiniest diesel delivery truck
The next day we saw the tiniest diesel truck deliver fuel to the boat docked next to us.  How cute.  If one can consider a truck cute.

Next was a bus trip to the largest town on this island.  But we are watching The Princess Bride now so writing about this trip must wait until tomorrow.  LOVE this movie!

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