Monday, May 1, 2006

Final weekend at home & trip down to boat

1st May 2006
Final weekend at home & trip down to boat

On Friday, Bill's employer gave him a surprise "Sail Away" lunch, which was very nice. It was held at Sam's Boat with an island theme. Great food and many gifts which we will use on the boat. Thanks, Sandy for all your work in putting together that retirement celebration for Bill. It meant a lot to him to have the send-off.

We had a hectic weekend moving out of the house and getting away. Sold Judy's car to her sister-in-law, Cheryl. (Sorry we didn't get to see you two to say goodbye.) Had a marvelous "last supper" at Fr./brother John's condo--smoked salmon appetizer and heavenly beef fillets; a couple of our favorite foods. Slept there Saturday night on the mattress which we have given/loaned to John. Just like being at home. Spent all day Sunday cleaning the empty house and final packing items. Did the final walk-thru with the landlord. So had a very nice deposit of the proceeds from selling the car and the house rental deposit refund. Spent our final night in Houston at Aaron's house; Lynn cooked a great pasta and stir-fry vegetable dinner. Got to say bye to a very sleepy Be-Be extremely early Monday morning.

We were worn out by the time we got on the plane. We did have 2 overweight bags but worth every bit of the $50 to be done with it. Surprisingly, airport security didn't even give us a hassle about the huge bag of prescription drugs Judy carried on. She did not want to put all these scripts in checked baggage; this is all for our offshore med kit. BTW, thanks very much to Donna for all her work in helping us put the med kit together. Looks like we are well-set in the department for just about any medical needs. Also thanks to Donna and Bruce for the flatware set with the little sailboats and line design. Very nice and we appreciate it.

Arrived in St. Thomas right on schedule and were able to catch the final ferry of the day to BVI West End. Found that our boat really was not damaged from the recent fuel truck explosion -- just had to see for ourselves; couldn't take the marina manager's word for it. Also learned that there have been two serious fires there in Soper's Hole within the past 2 months. About a month prior to the fuel truck explosion, there was a fire in Pusser's 2nd-floor kitchen. The truck driver is still in critical care but the woman cook at Pusser's has recovered from her burns and is already back at work. Pusser's kitchen was destroyed, so they have set up a temporary kitchen outside on the docks under a canvas awning. Bet you wouldn't see that happen back in the States; health dept would never allow it. But works just fine down here.

Got all our bags unpacked and stowed away. Now, finding something will be another story; but we have plenty of time to re-organize.

Checking out of the BVI first thing in the morning, as soon as the marina manager tallies our final tab and Customs opens so we can leave the country legally.

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